cadet color guard with general

Welcome to the cadets room

Civil Air Patrol provides a wonderful opportunity to youth to grow in knowledge, fitness, and leadership skills. It is an opportunity to become all that you can be.

Civil Air Patrol has four Core Values – excellence, volunteer service, respect, and integrity. In the Cadet Program we take excellence in all we do to heart. Our cadets are motivated to do and be the best they can.

This quality is what enabled our squadron color guard to become the Ohio Wing & Great Lakes Region Color Guard for 2009 & 2010.

Whether you are a new or experienced cadet we hope you will find challenges and opportunities that will enable you to grow but that you will also experience satisfaction in serving others and giving back to your community, state, and nation. The military environment of Civil Air Patrol instills respect through customs & courtesies, and the chain of command. Respect, volunteer service, and excellence when exhibited with integrity exemplifies the best Civil Air Patrol has to offer.

I look forward to working with you to become that kind of cadet!

Semper Vigilans,

Michael W Bridge, Capt, CAP
        Deputy Commander for Cadets, OH-003